LTM Racing Routes

The history of LTM Racing that began 25 years ago has always been linked to our Saturday routes. And in order not to lose the good customs, we continue to go out much of the Saturdays of the year with our friends, clients and new friends who want to enjoy a place as ours as the Sierra de Guadarrama. If you've ever wondered why we close LTM Racing on Saturdays, you know. Any excuse is good to go out and ride a bike and finish the route with a few beers.

Each route is announced well in advance on our social networks and through the LTM Racing newsletter. The groups are small and we have limited places, so that the experience is that of a group of friends who go out to ride a bike. To sign up for them you just have to go through the store or send us an email or call us by phone: / 915618572

The distance of the routes is usually between 25 and 50km with durations of between 3 and 6 hours with various physical and technical levels. Prior to the route, all the details of distance, physical, technical level, as well as refreshments and details of the starting point will be communicated in the newsletter or social networks.

Of course, the use of the helmet is mandatory and we recommend using knee pads, elbow pads or both on more technical enduro outings. It is also very important that the bike is ready and that you bring basic tools, clothes to spare for the expected weather conditions and food.

You are all welcome and as we imagine that you have different technical and physical levels we ask for patience from the strongest and patience also from the most laggards, since the important thing is to pedal together.

Rutas LTM Racing

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