Bicycle mechanics

At LTM Racing we give you all the options available. You can visit our website, you can visit our showroom in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid and of course you can bring your bike to our technical service.

We have been a reference technical service for 26 years with professional mechanics who know our product to the fullest and can advise you if you have any questions you may have. LTM Racing was one of the pioneers in on-demand assemblies and we continue to make any assembly you have in mind a reality.

In addition, we can advise you when creating your bike a la carte, to get the best possible combination of components. Whether you need a general overhaul of your bike, or an update, set-up or software review on electric models (transmissions and electric bikes) do not hesitate to stop by our technical service or call us if you want to take time (915618572).

Taller de bicicletas multimarca

For more information or appointment call us at 91 561 85 72 or send an email to