Try a Yeti, Ibis or Santa Cruz

In LTM Racing you can enjoy our demo bikes of the brands Yeti, Santa Cruz and Ibis. Due to the units of each make and models, you should consult us for the availability of the desired model and brand in sufficient time.

In the case of Ibis, you must confirm with our store staff the availability of test models.

Hourly test:

You can take your bike and get to know the surroundings of our showroom in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. Near our shop we can enjoy a wide assortment of paths, trails, tracks and steep climbs in which to test the qualities of the chosen model. We can also accompany you during the demo and advise you on all the issues that arise during the test.

Full-day test:

To qualify for the full-day test, you must pick up the bike before 11 in the morning at our facilities in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid and it will be delivered before 20h on the same day. This option allows you to do a mountain test on any of your usual routes.

Weekend test:

You can pick up the bike on Fridays at 20h in our showroom and you can enjoy it until the following Monday before 13h.

Demo Days:

Several times during the year, we organize full-day outings with groups of customers interested in trying our bikes. We usually go to La Pinilla and other areas of the Sierra de Madrid and Segovia. We offer you a full day of advice, where we will explain all the doubts that arise about the test model or about other models that you are also considering.


1 e-bike test: Free
1 weekend Consult
1 Demo e-days: Consult

*Rates are indicative and may change throughout the year. Consult. If you buy the bike within 1 month from the demo we will refund the amount.

RESERVATION: You can book your demo bike by calling 915618572, or you can send us an email to

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