Do you see an item cheaper than in LTM Racing in another online store? Yes, tell us and we will try to match the price!

What do we need? Send us an email with the following information:

* Exact name of the product, if possible the link of the product sheet

* In case the variant exists, the desired variant

* The sale price of the item

* We will contact you as soon as possible.

What are the conditions?

* The guaranteed minimum price can only be claimed before the time of purchase.

* The price to compare must come from another online store.

* The item of our competitor with which it is compared must be new, identical to ours (size, color, year ..).

* The item must be available, with immediate delivery. Availability must be displayed directly on the website of that merchant.

* The calculation includes the shipping costs, which would occur when placing the order with the compared merchant.

* In the case of deliveries abroad, being able to have a different VAT, it will be calculated based on the net price (Without VAT). Differences arising solely from the calculation of VAT are not covered.