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Vinyl kit protection frame dyedbro maori black

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The exclusive DYEDBRO MAORI BLACK vinyl kit decorates your bike while keeping it protected from friction and shock. Made with the highest quality materials, the digital latex printing system uses eco-friendly inks, thus reducing the environmental impact, and contributes to preserving this quality and improving the life of the vinyl. All protection kits are made up of different individual parts to cover the upper and lower tube as well as other parts of the frame, compatible with all bicycles on the market. These pieces can be given different uses, placed in different places, trimmed with scissors or cutter so that the fit is as perfect as possible, making your bike have a unique personality.

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Clean the frame well with soap and water mixed in a spray can (pour about 6 drops of soap into a vaporizer of about half a liter).
Dry well with paper.
Clean again slightly with alcohol.
Dry wet areas with a dryer until completely dry.
Wet with the spray the area where the adhesive will be placed.
Moisten your fingers with the spray.
Remove each piece taking into account the position in which it is placed.
Place the vinyl on the desired area.
Once placed, let dry at least 24 hours before using the bike.
If any area is not sufficiently adhered, use a dryer to give it heat, reactivate the adhesive and reposition it.
The bicycle must be perfectly clean of grease, dust and any polluting substances.
Apply in a warm environment: at low temperatures the vinyl adheres with more difficulty.
If you wet your fingers you will not leave traces.
It can also be dry glued if you have any notion of how to glue this type of materials. In this way the material adheres immediately and the bicycle can be used instantly.
The material can be deformed with heat or cut if necessary.
1 x Rectangular adhesive of 52 x 9 cm for bottom tube.
1 x Adhesive ergon omic 52.5 - 60 x 9 cm for top tube.
4 x 37.5 x 4.3 cm adhesives for the rear base.
1 x Promotional adhesive.
1 x Plastic applicator.


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