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Peaty's dry chain lubricant

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Peaty's dry chain lubricant
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Peaty's LinkLube Dry, wax-based, biodegradable chain lubricant prepares your bike to tackle from dry, dusty deserts to lightly wet trails. Our unique formula uses a mixture of waxes suspended in an aqueous emulsion to give you a quiet, clean chain for as long as possible.

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Wax is the best lubricant for dry environments because, applied correctly, it completely covers the parts of your bike with a hard, leathery layer that remains unchanged for years on the trails and is dry to the touch, so that dirt and dust will not adhere to your chain.


It is important that, when applied for the first time, the chain and transmission are degreased and thoroughly dried. If the chain is dirty, dirt and old lubricants will prevent the new lubricant from reaching the areas it should, thus reducing its effectiveness and durability.

  1. Degrease thoroughly before applying a new layer of lubricant. For a better result, use chain-specific degreasers.
  2. Be sure to rinse the chain thoroughly after applying any degreasing product.
  3. Wait for the chain to dry completely.
  4. Apply the lubricant only inside the chain. The light blue color of the lubricant allows you to see exactly where it has been poured.
  5. Rotate the chain for twenty seconds so that the lubricant penetrates the links and sheaves.
  6. Check if you've applied too much lubricant. If this happens, you will see that the lubricant begins to fill the links in the chain. Simply pedal back slowly to transfer all the excess to the cassette. You will see the lubricant disappear from the links, being scattered only where it should.
  7. Let the lubricant dry, going from a light blue color to completely transparent. (In the sun it dries before). The time this takes to happen var depending on weather conditions.
  8. Let's run!


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