Lubricant squirt long lasting dry lube 120ml

Reference: 126-45SQL120

The Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube lubricant offers long life even in humid conditions. It keeps pedals, coves and chains clean and away from dirt. It forms an invisible layer of wax that prevents friction, thanks to which the components will have a longer life. And its viscous texture facilitates application without dispersion, losses or drips. It does not need degreaser.

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It does not contain solvents.
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly product.
How to use
Always perform in coves, pedals and clean and dry chains.
First application.Clean the cove pedals and chain with degreasing products and soft brushes.Let them dry.Apply Squirt on the inside of the chain by rolling the Crankset.Do not remove the apparent excess of lubricant.Let dry for 5 minutes.Apply for the second time Squirt 5 minutes later, your chain, coves and pedals will be ready.
Successive applicationsSquirt does not accumulate dirt on the pedals or transmission, so it will be enough to make regular applications every 2 or 3 outputs (depending on mileage and weather conditions).Do not clean the apparent excess of Squirt.Let the pedals and chain dry for 5 minutes and go LIVE!.
CleaningSince Squirt is formulated on the basis of water and wax, the total cleaning of the chain and coves does not require the use of special solvents.It will be enough with water, soap and a soft brush to leave the chain ready.Apply again Squirt as if it were the first application.


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